Scott Kulp

About Me


I am a doctoral student at Rutgers University in the Computer Science department. I graduated from Ursinus College in May 2008 with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. My research interests primarily include Computational Fluid Dynamics, Biomechanics, Computer Graphics, and High-Performance Computing.

At Rutgers, I am working with Dimitris Metaxas to simulate blood flow through the heart. At Ursinus, I worked with April Kontostathis on Information Retrieval in the context of legal documents. A list of my publications can be found in the Research section of my site.

In Spring 2010, I worked with Daniel Lin and Srivatsav Kunchakarra on a puzzle-platformer Flash game called Pixelotl, where I focused on gameplay programming, sound and music creation, and level design.

My other interests include studying foreign languages (at the moment, Chinese), watching movies, going out with friends, seeing new places, and introspection.



Dimitris Metaxas仿真心里的血。我在UrsinusApril Kontostathis研究法鲁的计算机情报检索。你可以我的网站上看一看我的出版物。

Daniel LinSrivatsav Kunchakarra作一个视频游戏,叫Pixelotl.我是程序员,我做了音乐和。